0 A.D. Wiki

Walls are defensive military buildings designed for slowing, stopping or redirecting enemies, available to all Civilizations except Spartans. Long stretches of walls can be converted into Gates. Walls can take the form of wooden (Palisade) walls or stone (City) walls. Palisade walls maintain their name through every civilization.

Naming (City wall only)[]

  • Carthaginians: Jdar
  • Celts: Gwarchglawdd
    • Britons: Gwarchglawdd
    • Gauls: Gwarchglawdd
  • Hellenes: Teîkhos
    • Athenians: Teîkhos
    • Macedonians: Teîkhos
    • Spartans: (unavailable)
  • Iberians: Zabal Horma
  • Mauryans: Shilabanda
  • Persians: Para
  • Ptolemies: h-n-njwt
  • Romans (Republican): Moenia
  • Seleucids: Teîkhos