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StableIcon.png Paraspa
Availability: Persians

Function: Trains cavalry units, cavalry improvement research.
Phase: Village


Cavalry Stables is a special structure only available to Persians.


The Persian Empire's best soldiers were Eastern horsemen. Persian forces mainly depended on high number of archers and cavalry. Their fast cavalry forces are often used as shock attack in battle. Under Achaemenid feudalism, the so-called Hatru system, cavalry was recruited from among the wealthiest estate holders and of excellent quality all-around. Their horses are the now-extinct Nisean breed, one of the most sought after horsebreed.

Game Building[]

Stables can be built early even in Village Phase at the cost of 200 Stones.

Unit Training[]

All Persian Cavalry units can be trained in Stables

  • Cappadocian Cavalry (Katpaduka Asabara)
  • Hyrcanian Cavalry (Varkaniya Asabara)
  • Median Cavalry (Mada Asabara)
  • Babylonian Chariot (Babiruviya Ratha)

Improvement Research[]

  • Levy Cavalry
  • Advanced Citizen-Cavalry
  • Nisean War Horse