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HeleSlaves.jpg Slave
Availability:  Discontinued - originally Hellenes, Athenians, Spartans, Macedonians
Trained At:  Market
Advance Required:  None
Bonuses:  None
Countered By:  Cavalry Swordsman
Attack:  None
Armor:  1 Hack, 1 Pierce, 1 Crush
Hitpoints:  50
Range:  None
Cost:  50 metal
Speed:  6.5
Population:  0
 Role: Super Gatherer with limited lifespan
Gathering Bonuses: Lumbering, Mining

Slaves are a discontinued gameplay mechanic, that is no longer normally available they were originally intended to be purchased from the marketplace from a global pool of slaves that are generated by total deaths (meant to represent troops that have been captured in battle) in the game and used as a sort of "super gatherer" for your civilization. In addition, they were to be capturable and found on the map too. As "super gatherers" they excel at harvesting stone, metal and timber while being poor at food production and construction tasks. Over time they'd gradually lose hitpoints and die off, giving them a limited and finite lifespan. In addition, they would occupy no population slots and essentially be a free unit that does not need to be housed. They are currently an Atlas Only Object.