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SiegeRam.jpg Siege Ram
Availability:  Celts, Britons, Gauls, Macedonians, Spartans, Iberians, Persians, Romans
Trained At:  Fortress, Siege Workshop
Advance Required:  City Phase
Bonuses:  1.5x vs Gate
Countered By:  Cavalry Swordsman
Attack:  80 Crush
Armor:  2 Hack, 30 Pierce, 10 Crush
Hitpoints:  200
Range:  6.5 meters
Cost:  200 wood, 100 metal
Speed:  6.5
Population:  5
 Can only attack ships, structures and other siege units, can garrison units.

Siege Rams are a basic and common but effective Siege Weapon, essentially they're covered heavy mass (typically a felled tree trunk) being suspended by a frame and used to knock down enemy structures, walls and especially gates. Well protected from arrow fire and capable of garrisoning anywhere from 5 to 10 infantry for extra protection.

Siege Rams are typically constructed at your Fortress.