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MerchantUnitIcon.png Merchant Ship
Availability:  All Civilizations
Trained At:  Dock
Advance Required:  Town Phase
Bonuses:  None
Countered By:  None
Attack:  None
Armor:  2 Hack, 5 Pierce, 2 Crush
Hitpoints:  400
Range:  None
Cost:  100 metal
Speed:  10.5
Population:  1
 Role: Sea Trade, Gathers Sea treasure.
Garrison: 15

All Civilizations are able to build Merchant Ships. They are constructed at the Dock and a key unit in trading, they are the basis of very profitable sea trade routes however are somewhat vulnerable. They are the only unit that can gather aquatic treasure such as shipwreaks.


Special Notes[]

You can garrison a trader on a Merchant Ship to increase it's Gain, each Trader will contribute +20% to gain. A fully garrisoned Merchant Ship receives a 300% boost to Gain, making it extremely profitable.

Carthaginians have a 25% bonus to sea trade.