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Triremes.jpg Medium Warship
Availability:  All Civilizations, except Iberians
Trained At:  Dock
Advance Required:  Town Phase
Bonuses:  None
Countered By:  None
Attack:  35 Pierce
Armor:  5 Hack, 10 Pierce, 5 Crush
Hitpoints:  1400
Range:  55 meters
Cost:  150 wood, 150 metal
Speed:  14.5
Population:  3
 Garrison: 30
Arrow Count: 3-33
Special Ability: Ramming Attack

Most Civilizations have some sort of Warship, often their general class or medium warship. The most common type of Medium Warship was the Classical Trireme, powered by an innovative design with three rows of Oarmen. Making the most use of the space available one set of oarmen sat on benches, the other sat on the floor of the deck and the final sat on a deck below - this design provided very effective being quite powerful and fast. This speed and power combined to make these vessels extremely effective at Ramming enemy ships or themselves avoiding being Rammed. It is also capable of ranged combat, firing anywhere from 3 to 33 arrows at a time - garrisoning additional Infantry on board will provide this additional firepower. Compared to Bireme, the Trieme has greater range for arrow fire, can carry more marines and fires arrows quicker making it simply a more effective warship.


Special Notes[]

  • A Medium Warship can carry all ground units from Infantry, Cavalry and Support Units to much heavier loads such as Elephants or Siege Equipment.
  • Mauryans and all Celtic (Britons, Gauls) Medium Warships, are less speedy but much more sturdier and capable of carrying much more ground units acting as reliable transport/warships hybrids - they lack the special Ramming ability as a consequence.
  • As of Alpha 15, the Ram Secondary attack is not implemented and warships only have ranged attacks.