Biremes.jpg Light Warship
Availability:  Carthaginians, Hellenes, Athenians, Macedonians, Spartans, Mauryans, Persians, Ptolemies, Romans, Seleucids
Trained At:  Dock
Advance Required:  Town Phase
Bonuses:  None
Countered By:  None
Attack:  35 Pierce
Armor:  5 Hack, 10 Pierce, 5 Crush
Hitpoints:  800
Range:  45 meters
Cost:  100 wood, 100 metal
Speed:  12.5
Population:  2
 Garrison: 20
Arrow Count: 2-22
Special Ability: Ramming Attack

The Light Warship is a fairly common warship available to most civilizations. Most Civilization's light warship is a Bireme Galley, powered by two decks of Oarmen built for speed and power having a tipped point at the front for Ramming purposes which can be an decisive way to engage enemy warships. It is also capable of ranged combat, firing anywhere from 2 to 22 arrows at a time - garrisoning additional Infantry on board will provide this additional firepower.

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