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Caetrati.png Infantry Swordsman
Availability:  Carthaginians, Spartans, Iberians, Mauryans, Ptolemies, Romans, Seleucids
Trained At:  Barracks, Civic Centre
Advance Required:  None
Bonuses:  2x vs. Infantry Spearman, 1.5x Infantry Javelinist, 1.25x Elephants
Countered By:  Infantry Archer and Cavalry Spearman.
Attack:  10 Hack
Armor:  3 Hack, 1 Pierce, 1 Crush
Hitpoints:  100
Range:  Melee (4)
Cost:  50 food, 60 metal
Speed:  8.0
Population:  1
 These represent the unit's base general stats, most civilizations will differ.

Infantry Swordsmen are melee infantry that deal only hack damage, who excel at countering spearman and hacking away at buildings. Only a few civilizations possess Swordsmen citizen soldiers, although they're usually available as Champion units. Their main purpose is counter other infantry, especially melee spearman but are very vulnerable to all Cavalry especially Cavalry Spearman and Archers. They also receive bonuses against Elephants, promoted Infantry Swordsmen receive upgrades to their attack, hitpoints and all their armor.

Infantry Swordsmen are produced at both the Civilization Center and Barracks for the civilizations that have access to them, others can typically find their champion versions.