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Hoplite0.png Infantry Spearman
Availability:  All Civilizations
Trained At:  Barracks, Civic Centre
Advance Required:  None
Bonuses:  3x vs. All Cavalry
Countered By:  Countered by Swordsman, Skirmishers and Cavalry Archers.
Attack:  10 Hack
Armor:  2 Hack, 1 Pierce, 2 Crush
Hitpoints:  100
Range:  Melee (4)
Cost:  50 food, 50 wood
Speed:  7.5
Population:  1
 These represent the unit's base general stats, most civilizations will differ.

Infantry Spearman are melee infantry that deal hack damage in combat against with significant bonuses against Cavalry, in addition to often being heavily armored. Although often slower than most infantry, they are much more sturdy and can quite easily chase away ranged units and especially ranged cavalry. They typically are used to simply obstruct and keep away enemy troops and cavalry from reaching your own vulnerable ranged units. They also excel like most units that deal hack damage, in tearing down enemy buildings and siege units. Promoted Citizen Infantry Spearmen receive upgrades to their attack, hitpoints and all of their armor - while decreasing their resource gathering abilities.

Infantry Spearmen are produced at both the Civilization Center and Barracks.


  • Carthaginians: Sǝḫīr Ḥanīt (Libyan Spearman)
  • Celts: Gaeroa (Spearman)
  • Hellenes: Hoplī́tēs Hellēnikós (Greek Hoplite)
    • Athenians: Hoplī́tēs Athēnaïkós (Athenian Hoplite)
    • Macedonians: Pezétairos (Foot Companion)
    • Spartans: Hoplī́tēs Perioïkós (Perioikoi Hoplite)
  • Iberians: Scutari (Spearman)
  • Mauryans: Kauntika (Bamboo Spearman)
  • Persians: Sparabara (Shieldbearer)
  • Ptolemies: Makhimos Phalangites (Egyptian Pikeman), Thureophóros Misthophóros (Mercenary Thureos Spearman)
  • Romans (Republican): Triarius (Veteran Spearman)
  • Seleucids: Thureophóros Politès (Militia Thureos Spearman), Chalkaspides (Bronze Shield Pikeman)