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Archers.jpg Infantry Archer
Availability:  Carthaginians, Hellenes, Athenians, Macedonians, Mauryans, Persians, Ptolemies, Seleucids
Trained At:  Barracks, Civic Centre
Advance Required:  None
Bonuses:  2.0x vs. Infantry Swordsman, 1.25x Cavalry Spearman
Countered By:  Cavalry Skirmisher and Cavalry Swordsman.
Attack:  15 Pierce
Armor:  1 Hack, 2 Pierce, 1 Crush
Hitpoints:  80
Range:  50 meters
Cost:  40 food, 60 wood
Speed:  8.5
Population:  1
 These represent the unit's base general stats, most civilizations will differ.

Infantry Archers are produced at both the Civilization Center and/or Barracks for civilizations that possess them.