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Quinqueremes.jpg Heavy Warship
Availability:  Carthaginians, Ptolemies, Romans, Seleucids
Trained At:  Dock
Advance Required:  City Phase
Bonuses:  None
Countered By:  None
Attack:  30 Hack, 30 Crush
Armor:  5 Hack, 10 Pierce, 5 Crush
Hitpoints:  2000
Range:  10-65 meters
Cost:  200 wood, 200 metal
Speed:  14.5
Population:  5
 Garrison: 50
Arrow Count: 1-50
Special Ability: Ramming Attack

The heaviest and most advanced Warships of the time were the Quinqueremes, very few civilizations possess the technical ability to build such an advanced warship. The Quinqueremes were essentially advanced galleys with five banks of oarsmen compared to the Trireme's three, they were larger and much more sturdy than before - and no less powerful. In fact their increased mass, made them a force to be reckoned with at full speed a Ramming Quinquereme could absolutely obliterate anything in its path. With more room on the decks Quinqueremes are fitted with specialized naval catapults, which can be used to bombard other Warships or enemy structures. It is also capable of ranged combat, firing anywhere from 1 to 50 projectiles at a time - garrisoning additional Siege Catapults on board will provide this additional firepower. Compared to Trireme, the Quinquereme has greater range, a more powerful form of attack, can carry many more ground units and is no less slower than any Warship before it.


Special Notes[]

  • A Heavy Warship can carry all ground units from Infantry, Cavalry and Support Units to much heavier loads such as Elephants or Siege Equipment.
  • As of Alpha 16, the Ram Secondary attack is not implemented and warships only have ranged attacks. In addition, the Quinquereme like most naval combat remains somewhat unfinished capable of having 50 catapults garrisoned on board for massive firepower.