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Healers.jpg Healer
Availability:  All Civilizations
Trained At:  Temple
Advance Required:  None
Bonuses:  None
Countered By:  Cavalry Swordsman
Attack:  None
Armor:  1 Hack, 1 Pierce, 1 Crush
Hitpoints:  85
Range:  Healing: 12 meters
Cost:  100 metal
Speed:  7.5
Population:  1
 Role: Heals Organic Units
Auras: None.

Healers act as your civilization's mystics and learned priests, who primarily are able to heal your troops in combat within their range. Typically very useful to have with your troops, as they won't have to return to your temple as much and makes assaults against fortifications much easier. They are especially vulnerable to Cavalry Swordsmen who specifically have a bonus against "Support Units" and will quickly dispatch with your Healers - keep them out of harms way.

All Civilizations have access to Healers and are more or less identical with each other. They produced in your civilization's temples, which also provides various technologies to increase their effectiveness.