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FishingShips.jpg Fishing Ship
Availability:  All Civilizations
Trained At:  Dock
Advance Required:  None
Bonuses:  None
Countered By:  None
Attack:  10 Hack
Armor:  2 Hack, 5 Pierce, 2 Crush
Hitpoints:  200
Range:  5 meters
Cost:  50 wood
Speed:  8.5
Population:  1
 Garrsion: 1
Carrying Capacity: 50 food
This unit cannot gather treasure.

Fishing ships can gather food from aquatic fishing locations. Fishing for food is an excellent source of food being plentiful on sea maps, offer generous carrying capacity for their haul and while being extremely quick in gathering speed compared to most food sources.


Special Notes[]

  • The gathering rate is increased if garrisoned with an extra citizen soldier or female citizen. Although as of Alpha 15, this is still not implemented - but remains a planned feature.
  • Although mostly a civilian vessel, the fishing ship does actually have a very small attack - although its not advised to confront enemy warships.