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CivCenterIcon.png Civic Centre
Availability: All Civilizations

Function: Dropsite, trains basic units, expands territory, contains phase upgrade research.
Phase: Town
Costs: 500 Wood, 500 Stone, 500 Metal. See Resource.


The Civic Centre is the main building of a civilization, it is also the only building the player has when they first start a game. It serves many important functions:

  • they define a player's territory;
  • they contribute +20 population capacity;
  • functions as a dropsite for any type of resource;
  • allows the creation of basic civilization units;
  • has a small arrow attack and may be garrisoned for protection of your female citizens. Infantry garrisoned in a Civic Center add to the number of arrows fired.
  • offers research related to civilization advancement.
  • When captured, all buildings, except fortresses and defense towers, that are suported by the Civic Centre, will collapse.
  • In some civilisations there is a limit of 1 Civic Center (your starting center). These are:
    • Carthaginians
    • Ptolemies


Each civilization has a different name for this building:

Civilization Name
Athenians Agorā́
Britons Caer
Carthaginians Merkāz
Celts Caer
Gauls Caer
Hellenes Agorā́
Iberians Oppidum
Macedonians Agorā́
Mauryans Rajadhanika
Persians Xsacapava
Ptolemies pr-'a
Romans (Republican) Forum
Seleucids Agorā́
Spartans Agorā́


  • The Celts civic center has a special technology pair. One item will have the civilization phase into the Britons town phase, while the other will have the civilization phase into the Gauls town phase.