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CavSkirmishers.JPG Cavalry Skirmisher
Availability:  All Civilizations
Trained At:  Barracks, Civic Centre
Advance Required:  None
Bonuses:  2.0x vs. Infantry Archer, 1.5x Cavalry Swordsman
Countered By:  Infantry Spearman and Elephants.
Attack:  25 Pierce
Armor:  1 Hack, 3 Pierce, 1 Crush
Hitpoints:  150
Range:  44 meters
Cost:  100 food, 40 wood
Speed:  14.0
Population:  1
 These represent the unit's base general stats, most civilizations will differ.

Cavalry Skirmishers are ranged Cavalry that deal pierce damage in combat with significant bonuses against Archers and Cavalry Swordsmen. In addition like all cavalry they are quick and agile - making lightning raids against the enemy tempting and worthwhile. They typically are used to Flank opponents to quickly rout ranged infantry, harass workers or envelop enemy formations with sustained mobile fire. Additionally, they make excellent scouts with their extensive Line of Sight and agility, lending themselves to quick scouting and exploration. Promoted Cavalry Skirmishers receive upgrades to their range, accuracy and a small boost to their hitpoints and armor.

Cavalry Skirmishers are produced at both the Civilization Center and/or Barracks for civilizations that possess them. While the Persians like all cavalry may also find them in their Stables


  • Carthaginians: Ḥayyāl Raḫūv Masili (Numidian Cavalry)
  • Celts: Gaisaredos (Cavalry Skirmisher)
    • Britons: Gaisaredos (Cavalry Skirmisher)
    • Gauls: Gaisaredos (Cavalry Skirmisher)
  • Hellenes: Pródromos (Thessalian Scout)
    • Athenians: Pródromos (Cavalry Skirmisher)
    • Macedonians: Hippakontistès Odrysón (Odrysian Skirmish Cavalry)
    • Spartans: Pródromos Perioïkós (Perioikoi Cavalryman)
  • Iberians: Kantabriako Zaldun (Cantabrian Cavalry)
  • Mauryans: Ashwarohi (Indian Light Cavalry)
  • Persians: Mada Asabara (Median Light Cavalry)
  • Ptolemies: Hippeus Tarantinos (Tarantine Mercenary Cavalry)
  • Romans (Republican): Eques Socius (Italian Allied Cavalry)
  • Seleucids: Hippakontistès Politès (Militia Cavalry), Hippeus Medikos (Median Light Cavalry)