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PalaceIcon.png Apadana
Availability: Persians

Function: Provides a small resource trickle for all resources, Trains Immortals and related Research, Trains Persian Heroes, +10 Bonus Housing
Phase: City


Apadana (Persian Palace) is a special structure only available to Persians.


The term Apadana designates a large hypo-style palace found in Persia. The best known example, and by far the largest, was the great Apadana at Persepolis. Functioning as the empire's central audience hall, the palace is famous for the reliefs of the tribute-bearers and of the army, including the Immortals.

Game Building[]

Apadana can be built once the civilization reaches City Phase with 200 Metals and 300 Stones, while not only providing its unique benefit it also serves as extra housing with +10 to population capacity.

Unit Training[]

All Persian Heroes units and their Champion Bodyguard units are trained at Apadana.

  • Kurush II (Cyrus the Great)
  • Darayavahush I (Darius the Great)
  • Xsayarsa I (Xerxes I)
  • Anusiya (Persian Immortals)

Improvement Research[]

  • Immortals