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AI in 0 A.D.

AI, or Artificial Intelligence are computer scripts/code that can control a civilization in 0 A.D., allowing you to play a game without the need of finding someone to play against.

Mainline AIs[]


qBot is the default AI used 0 A.D. It's the more advanced of the two mainline AIs.


Originally a marginally improved version of TestBot (a proof of concept AI that performed no actions) JuBot was the first real AI created for 0 A.D. It is no longer actively developed and is kept on for use as the easy AI.

3rd Party AIs[]


Development Thread

Marilyn is a fork of qBot developed by wraitii. As of August 2012, Marilyn has been abandoned and it's creator has decided to merge it's improvements into qBot.


Development Thread

RootBot was a bot created by a group of students for a class project. It is no longer developed, and the last "official" version doesn't work on the latest version of 0 AD. Gudo on the forums has since done one bugfix release here.

Split Bot[]

Development Thread

Created by lexa, Split Bot is no longer under active development and no longer works with the latest versions of 0 A.D. SplitBot code is hosted here on Github.

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